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Best Bedside Gun Safe You Must Check Out! 

Safety is important. There’s no arguing in that. Especially when your family’s at stake.

You may be living in a place where burglary is rampant or you’re someone who just needs protection or even if none of the above, but still to be on the safer side, having the best bedside gun safe is the best thing for you. 

To begin with, you must understand the delicacy of the situation. Somethings cannot be compromised. Your safety comes under those stuffs. So it becomes requisite for you to do whatever it takes to ensure your safety.

Now you may get all those alarm systems at work to make sure no one enters or leaves without you knowing but that’s one the first lines of defenses.

Having a personal gun and an awesome gun safe is the last. And if you want me to put it simply, I would say it’s the most important defense system you can ever have. 

So before we look into some of the best bedside gun safe let’s understand what exactly the “best” must offer you. 

Well that’s kind of obvious, isn’t it? I mean what’s the point of having a bedside gun safe if you cannot even access it quickly when you need to? So I believe having the best bedside gun safe will come with the feature of easy and quick accessibility where you easily take out and place your gun back without too much time ticking. If the accessibility fails, your life can get to the edge. Remember that. 

Yes, this is something you must take seriously. I mean design doesn’t simply mean how is it looking (although smart look is good) but rather how does it operate. Now can it be biometric or physical, maybe some keypad? How quickly can you get your hands in the safe? These are the things you should check out. 

Quite obvious. If it’s a safe, it must be too hard and durable. And if it’s your gun safe, you must treat it with reverence. So choose the bedside gun safe which you find to be highly durable and make sure that it’s all the right fit for you. 

Yes, so these were some of the points you must make a note of before you go and check out the bedside gun safe.

However, now you don’t have to go everywhere and waste your time looking into everything as this article’s got it sorted for you. How? Well, we’ve sorted some of the best bedside gun safe for you based on all the factors I’ve mentioned above.

Choose one of them and live in peace. Let’s check it out. 

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Now this one is definitely something. Just give a check to its design and you’d know . It is meant for quick accessibility and something you must check out. Coming to durability, it is made of 18 gauge steel which makes it too strong. 

You also get digital keypad which is obviously how you open the safe. For your dear gun, you get foamed interior lining. 

It comes with back up override key as well. However you would require 1-9V battery which is not included with the package. 

So this is one of the best bedside gun safe you must check out for you and your family’s well being. 

As per the reviews it can be safely assumed that this one is one of the best as people say that it holds their gun very securely and the problems of malfunctioning is very rare in such cases. 

However you must know that you need to keep changing the battery on a frequent basis which may become tiresome for many.

Also as per the reviews, the customer service is not easy to access whenever you please. So these are some of the things you should know. Apart from that I don’t feel there’s anything much negative to talk about. 

Here comes technology. This bedside gun safe has a biometric lock and you can store one handgun in it. You also get it as a heavily protected safe meant to be opened with fingerprint authentication and in structure, it’s made up of solid steel. 

That’s not all you also get manual keypad and override key as well. The best part about having this safe is that it’s certified by California Department Of Justice or DOJ so it must be something tough huh? You require 4 AA batteries though which don’t come with the package. 

It has 2 gun capacity and you also get interior lights for higher visibility. Finger print authentication is another cherry on the top. 

This safe is noiseless and if there’s an intruder in your house, you get to open your safe without any noise which would definitely catch them off guard. It’s a good return of investment and I believe you must give this bedside gun safe a check to see whether it suits you. 

Some of the not-so-good things about it includes the price. Yes it’s very costly. But I guess given the features, it’s somewhere fair. Second thing is that you cannot just randomly put your finger on the scanner and get the safe opened. You need to actually keep it on a fixed position. Now that can be compromising. 

However this bedside gun safe is very secure, durable, and reliable and if budget isn’t the main focus, you should definitely check it out. 

This bedside gun safe is massive. Period. It has the capacity to hold five handguns for you and the door which is drop-down in structure is quite awesome as the accessibility becomes easier. You get a red interior light for visibility inside (spooky huh?) and the structure is solid steel which is highly durable. This bedside gun safe is a beast. Hands down. 

You also get a high strength security cable and locking latch as well. Once again this beast is approved by California DOJ. 

You get the space here to keep three of your handguns at the position where you can pick it up within seconds whereas two other guns can be put in a flat position. This bedside gun safe is pick proof. Thought you should know. 

As per the reviews, people majorly are impressed with the design and the gun safe’s structure and that’s quite good. 

However, you should know that the cable quality is poor and when you enter the codes, it takes some time to be entered. If you have barrel guns then sorry but they can’t hang.

So these are some catches you must know about. However apart from this, it’s all cool and the shelf is also removable in nature coupled with easy configuration and security, making it one of the best bedside gun safe you should look out for. 

You get a 10 Gauge structure here and also lined carpet to the inside. You also get 4 bolt holes and a warranty of lifetime. Now isn’t that great? 

This bedside gun safe is very durable and a simple glance at it will tell you so. It is made of antique silver powder coat. You get the size as 13.5 inches.

 However, if you’re considering different angles, then I must tell you that the operating buttons as well as the knob are made up of plastic. So you make a choice. 

It’s very easy as per the operations and you get it at a very reasonable price as well, something quite a feat. 

Once again a Sentry product, this is a very trustworthy brand and you must know the features they offer are quite good for you to check them out at least once.

Coming to this gun safe, there’s gas strut which opens quietly for your convenience which is needed especially if there are any burglars in the house. You get digital keypad here which is good and the structure of this gun safe is solid and made of steel which invariably indicates its durability. 

You also get override key and a trusted product as certified by California DOJ. 

The capacity is of two guns and you get interior light as well. The safety is something you should be least concerned about when this bedside gun safe got your back. 

If we talk about reviews, many people are quite impressed with the gun safe’s functionalities and they had repeatedly said that the quick and easy accessibility which the bedside gun safe provides is what makes it very special. 

Here the only negative thing which I can find is the lack of guidance which comes along with the safe. You have to figure out how to operate it on your own or maybe watch online videos or articles because it doesn’t come with any instructions. 

This bedside gun safe is very efficient and I think if you’re looking for some security and quick accessibility, this might be the best choice for you. 

Once again this bedside gun safe is one of the most reliable ones as it offers you quick accessibility and more than that the design it offers is quite different which makes many people get a hold of it. You also get a mounting plate and can the safe is “smart” in nature. Meaning it can be connected with Bluetooth. 

The styling of this bedside gun safe is very good in terms of security and easy accessibility as you get the opportunity to mount the safe and remove it easily as per your convenience. That’s how it’s designed. You also get a rechargeable battery and that extends till 4 months! 

Also you can observe the status of your safe with the availability of its connection with your smartphone. 

However you must know that the size is quite small which might not be appealing for everyone and also compared to the size, it’s quite expensive as well. So that’s what you need to know about this. 

This bedside gun safe is made of 16 gauge sturdy steel to begin with. Now that’s something don’t you feel? You want the best security possible, this gun safe’s got your back. That’s how awesome it is.

You get all other standard features including lighting in the interiors, key backup as well as you get the “liberty” of having more than 1000 combination options. Something you definitely have to commend. 

This bedside gun safe is meant for business and will ensure that your firearm is duly protected. 

You get the reviews from many that it’s one of the best bedside gun safe and the security it provides is very satisfying. The lighting is positioned in a way so as you can see everything inside the safe so that’s a good thing obviously. Also, you get the choice of keeping your big or small handgun, both are compatible with this bedside gun safe

As such I cannot see anything negative to say about it. It’s simply one of the best gun safe you can find. 

Once again we come to Vaultek with a different design. This gun safe is highly upgraded in terms of anti theft protection and other stuffs. You also get a design which screams that it’s highly durable because it is made up of heavy duty 16-gauge carbon steel. Now that’s what you call being tough. 

Also the coating is highly durable in nature so don’t think about corrosion. It won’t happen. The doors are automatic which becomes quite convenient to access your useful stuffs including your firearms. 

You get along with it both fingerprint scanner as well as backlit keypad, making this bedside gun safe completely awesome and highly popular. You also get a rechargeable battery here. No need to buy it separately. 

You get a choice of two colors that is black and camo. Basically you get everything you ask for. 

As per the reviews, this is surely one of the best bedside guns safe especially in terms of biometrics and you get a good value for money here. The gun safe is durable, reliable, gives you easy accessibility. Basically the points discussed at the start of this article, ticks them all. 

However, I must say that this bedside gun safe is very expensive although it provides you with an equally good ROI. Also, you should know that you cannot fully rely on biometric. So that’s that. Apart from that, I don’t think there’s anything which you should be concerned about and I can bet this bedside gun safe to be one of the best for you and your family.


Yes so these were some of the best bedside gun safe you can ever come across and the research based on which this article is written focuses only on those products which are reliable, durable as well as reviewed quite highly by the users.

So that you get to understand what’s suitable for you. I can guarantee, whichever safe you choose, you’re not going to regret it at all. 

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