🧰12 best range bags | best range bags for pistol and supplies of 2022🧳

Best Range Bags are made up of high durability materials and they come with cozy in handling your weapons and supplies. Range bags provide high security for the weapons and you can easily carry your ammo, gun oils, essential requirements in the Range bags provide the best in storage capacity or are the best quality range bag for your need.

Nowadays, there is an increase in the percentage of public carrying weapons for the sack of self-defense, to gain respect, power, or control. These weapons required proper Ammo and essential components for the maintenance of weapons. There should be proper gear for the person how is the owner of the weapons for safety purposes.

So people required Best Range Bags to Keep all his Essential components required for his Guns. You can travel to any place with ease by picking the best Range bag for your weapons. It provides a safe and secure feeling by using the best Range bags for handling your guns. It is a requirement for the safety of weapons.There are many range bags on the market but choosing the best range bags become very important.

Here we provide the list of some of the best range bags available.

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12 Best Range Bags for [2022].

Tactical Range Ready Multiple Pistol & Ammo Bag

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key Features

  • can carry multiple weapons.
  • detachable hand straps.
  • Padded storage for weapons.
  • Integrated hydration storage.

Tactical Range Ready Multiple Pistol & Ammo Bag gets top marks for functionality, with separate padded storage spaces for multiple pistols.

You can easily get four handguns in there comfortably, with room to spare. It also includes a drop-down front flap that stores eight magazines, and accessory pockets just the right size for optics and ear protection.

If you’re the type who has trouble keeping all your gear organized, these Best Range bags might be the answer; it has multiple storage spaces that are all designed simply and intuitively.

The padded, adjustable shoulder strap is built for comfort, and the tough polyester construction and heavy-duty zippers are made to take a beating. 


  • heavy duty material.
  • comfortable to carry.


  • only two colors available.

BLACKHAWK Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag.

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key Features

  • Wraparound tactical web handles for superior weight support.
  •  two rows of locked stitching for durability.
  • can hold to hand guns and 8 pockets for magazines.

The most surprising thing about the BLACKHAWK Sportster Deluxe Range Hunting Bag is how spacious it is.

The main compartment has room for just about everything you would want to bring to the best range bags, and you’ll also find two smaller interior pockets, plus a removable pistol pouch with soft fabric to protect your firearm’s finish.

The Range bags have become extremely popular and they are made from water-resistant 600 denier polyester, with two rows of locked stitching for durability along the seams.

It’s tough, and can hold a lot of weight. It’s also laid out simply, so it’s easy to find what you’re looking for without rummaging through lots of pockets. We’re also big fans of the lockable zippers.

If this bag has a weak link, it’s the shoulder strap, which could benefit from sturdier hardware than the plastic clasp that comes standard.


  • high durability
  • Reasonable price.


  • NO other colour varient available.

EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag 18-Inch

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key Features

  • can hold many weapons.
  • Unique bag design.
  • easy to carry.

The EXPLORER Tactical Range Ready Bag doesn’t look like your typical range bag. At a glance, it looks almost like a camera bag, albeit a particularly big one given its 18″ x 14″ x 10″ dimensions. These shooting range bags are specifically designed to carry your all stuff.

Regardless, it holds a ton of gear, and has Velcro dividers that give you lots of room for customization. It holds three or four pistols comfortably, and has four enclosed outer pockets, along with another small open-top pocket at each end.

You can choose among several colors too, including Navy digital and woodland camo. Overall it has 14 padded and protected compartments, which is great if you like to keep your bag neat and tidy.

One could argue that it does sacrifice a bit of padding in favor of more storage space—probably a worthy trade-off if you have a lot of gear to haul around and is quite a deserving candidate to be under the best range bags


  • high durabality.
  • good quality zipper.


  • less paddings for providing more spaces.

GunMate 1919687 Range Bag.

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GunMate Original range bag comes with and uncompromised space and colour.

key Features

  • high durability.
  • larger dimensions.
  • great bag design.
  • GunMate Original range bag comes with an uncompromised space and color.

With the GunMate coming in at a significantly lower price point than a lot of comparable range bags, it would be easy to assume it’s a cheap bargain bag that doesn’t really hold up. In reality, it’s anything but.

The design is simple and straightforward, with a spacious main compartment that includes removable hook and loop dividers. The lockable zippered side compartments also include pistol rugs. The thing we really like about the GunMate range bag is its construction.

It’s made of durable nylon that holds its shape even when empty and has a thick, sturdy base plate that stands up well to wear and tear. So even if it looks like a cheap bag, those shooting range bags are created equally, but due to its durability and astounding performance, it has to be on the list of the best range bags.


  • Good quality zippers.
  • larger compartment size.


  • less colour varients available.

Allen Company Ruger Range Bag.

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key Features

  • Includes a removable pistol rug.
  • Removable ammo carrier and detachable shoulder strap.
  • It as 6 maximum magazine pockets.
  • It as larger compartment space.

With a slick black-and-red color scheme and compact design, the Allen Company Ruger Range Bag looks great, and holds a lot more than it might look at first glance.

This bag makes ample use of its compact size, with a surprisingly roomy 11.5″ x 7″ main compartment, two 5″ x 5″ mesh pockets, three rows of MOLLE loops and a removable ammo carrier.

The inclusion of a gun cleaning pad that folds back into the bottom of the bag is also a nice touch, and there’s plenty of storage space for ear protection, headsets, and eye protection. It’s a range bag to consider if you like to keep things simple. Other best value range bags for taking your favorite handguns to the shooting range so these small type bags made for light-weight guns.


  • Strong fabric high durability.
  • comfortable in handling.
  • reasonable cost.


  • No other colour varients

Savior Equipment Urban Warfare Tactical Double Carbine Long Rifle Bag

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Urban Warfare Tactical Range Bag is for essential usage of shooting range.

Key Features

  • Large space for Both Guns & Rifles
  • Powerful look with high-quality material
  • Removable Backpack straps including drag handles

The best word to describe the Urban Warfare Tactical Range Bag is “spacious.” This is a seriously big bag and one of the best range bags, and if you’ve ever had a hard time packing all your gear into one container, this might be the answer you’ve been looking for. Measuring at least 36″ x 12″, it seems unlikely that even the most dedicated gearhead will run out of room in this bag.

The material is Stuffed with high quality, and the design incorporates two easily-removable pistol sleeves, and a dedicated space for accessories, so many in other range bags is that bags tend to sages. like ammo and holsters. It’s comfortable too, with a padded shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry even when it’s packed to the gills. 


  • Strong fabric for durability
  • multiple compartments
  • removable padded sleeves.


  • Less space provided.

Orca Tactical Range Bag.

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Orca Tactical Range Bag has a huge space which can accomadate 3+ weapons and essentials.

Key Features

  • Can hold 3+ weapons
  • Build tough
  • wider grip handle for larger hands. 

Another very popular ingenious range of bags currently on the market is the more premium Orca Tactical.  I like the heavier feeling material and cross-cut pattern.

It’s a Goldilocks size of being in-between the Osage River Light and Standard range bags.  Still plenty large if you’re shooting multiple guns and bringing in some tools.

Another thing I really like about it is that it has a 4x rifle magazines and 6 pistol magazine slots.  Finally! Also has rubberized feet on the bottom.

The interior compartment is also adjustable with Velcro plus overall it feels more heavy duty than the Osage River. The shoulder strap is also comfier.  Oh, and there’s Velcro on one side for your patches!

My choice if you want something more heavy-duty feeling with more thought out pockets and sides.


  • larger size
  • high durability
  • ORCA manufactured.
  • multiple colors available.


  • Bit expensive.

 Smith and Wesson Tactical Range Bag

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Smith and Wesson Tactical Range Bage is one of the best Range bags available.

Key Features

  • lot of space
  • padded straps
  • can hold 4+ weapons.
  • padded compartment.

 It wouldn’t be a Best range bags page without old trustworthy Smith & Wesson having their input heard loud and clear and hey, you have to have somewhere to carry all those lunky and heavy M&P’s, right?

This bag somehow manages to carry so much stuff in its rather medium-sized 18x10x10” rectangular form factor.

S&W really went out of there way to ensure optimum versatility. They are well aware we all have different ideas of what range day looks like and they really did offer a ton of customization and room to play around inside this bag.

Furthermore, they include a very nice 2” padded shoulder strap and the handles on the bag are also of excellent quality, ensuring you can carry all your gear easily and comfortably for many years to come.


  • comfortable to carry.
  • large size
  • affordable.


  • few colour varients are available.

GPS Tactical Range Backpack.

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Key Features

  • 1000 denier polyester with Teflon coating
  • Honeycomb internal frame
  • Tan or black color configurations
  • Triple-stitched mole webbing on the face of the bag
  • Four outside zipper pockets
  • Has an extremely rigid internal frame that bears large amounts of weight
  • Intuitive segregated pistol storage design

This backpack range bag is likely one of my favorite pistol range bags on this list! some other range bags out there in the market but this one is the best one from that list choice. At just over a hundred bucks, it’s not too expensive but it comes with qualities I’d expect to find in an over $200 bag.

At first glance, the bag is incredibly durable and sturdy. The interior frame is very rigid and sits tight against the back. This is perfect for when you load this bad boy up, as it can certainly hold a ton of weight. As far as storing pistols go, there is plenty of room for multiple full-size framed pistols with room to spare.

The backpack also has lockable zippers, perfect for you Californian law-abiding citizens! It comes in black or tan and offers tons of MOLLE webbing for you to dress up with morale patches and show the world what you’re about. Great to be on the best range bags list right?


  • very high durable material
  • with modern compartments for weapons.
  • for tough usage.


  • Might Shake your budget

  Under Armour Project Rock Range Duffle Bag

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Key Features

  • 100% woven nylon
  • Can be worn as a duffle or backpack
  • UA Storm weatherproofing and completely water-resistant
  • Abrasion-resistant PU coated underside
  • Padded and ergonomic foam straps
  • Black or Graystone colors
  • It keeps it shape even when empty or overloaded
  • Massive compartments that can hold everything you’d need for a day at the range.

This duffle bag is one of the best range bags for people that need a multipurpose type bag. Use it for the gym, the range, whatever, it’s great and will hold quite a bit of gear. The UA Storm technology is well known to be highly water-resistant and the quality of the bag overall is very high. people most talked about range bags on Amazon so I’m also going and get it from there this one.

The zippers are heavy-duty and lockable making this a very secure solution for transporting firearms and since its soft and well padded, all your range goodies are protected.

Plus it’sunder armour and I know it might be an expensive one to buy but I am pretty sure that it worth every penny for your money because the quality you get is unbelievable that’s why it’s on my best range bags list.


  • Extremely water-resistant
  • its stitches are too strong to break easily
  • sleek design


  • Its Expensive but worth if you get it

Vertx COF Range Bags

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Key Features

  • High durability material.
  • larger compartments.
  • comfortable straps

The Vertx COF Range Bag is the most highly reviewed range bag sort of the high class luxury car of range bags. With that luxury comes the price. While the price may be a little steep for some, others may see the value for them just right.

Vertx is known for its high-quality firearm bags. Their backpack can also be found on our best range bags list and it also remains a high seller due to the very high-quality design, materials, and craftsmanship. 


  • stylish design for modern world.
  • comfortable to carry.


  • This One also comes under the expensive list

 Black Hawk Sportster

No products found.

Key Features

  • 2 pistol design.
  • Detachable shoulder sling.
  • Lockable zippers.
  • 16x8x9”
  • These zippers are among my favorite in budget range bags.

This is one of the last Best range bags I reviewed, and I’ll be honest, I almost didn’t want to add it to this list after reviewing so many other amazing range bags. However, considering it’s around $40, it’s a bargain for those who want a small lightweight bag that simply “gets the job done”. It’s not fancy and it doesn’t have a whole lot of extras, but it is a low cost and it is well made.

A lot of these Best range bags have pockets facing each and every direction which can sometimes be a little annoying if you’re trying to grab something in a pinch and forget which pocket it’s in. This range bag is an excellent bag has two top facing compartments that are perfect for those who like a dumping ground. With plenty of space for full-sized pistols and all of their goodies, this bag just simply works.

Something I found great range bags out there on Amazon reviews was to buy small square plastic crates and place them inside, giving this bag a more sturdy shape and a little more storage versatility.

The bag itself kind of lacks sturdy infrastructure so by using the money you saved by buying this bag, you can just throw in some little crates and have an expensive bag for under $50! most bags offered by Explorer’s competitors but this one is the thinnest and waterproof bag ever.


  • Light Weight
  • fabric is a sturdy nylon ripstop material with extremely beefy zippers that glide smoothly
  • strong zippers


  • Less space in the bag.
  • The elastic shoulder strap clips feel cheap and the bag lacks a rigid shape

Final Thoughts about quality range bags

So now you guys have seen every product on this list choose the one which you find perfect for your accessories. The list which I have given you is clearly one of the best range bags for 2022 you can find on amazon. These best range bags for Pistol & Supplies will clearly give a feel of high quality and the strongness you need for your range bag to be. Hope you guys like my guide and if you like this one make to check out my other articles to get a complete guide of gun safes & guns & other related guides. we discover the best-organized range of bags and highest quality gun bags around.

Faq’s of best Range Bags in 2022

What would it be a good idea for me to convey in my gun range sack?

A few things each reach sack should have include:
1.an Emergency Personal Injury Kit (EPIK)
2.a fast application tourniquet.
3.eye and ear assurance.
4.a scratch pad and pen (for recording your rounds terminated and maybe notes on your preparation and execution)
material for cleaning down your gun and magazines subsequent to preparing.

When do you require a reach sag?

A reach sag is typically required when the distance between two support points is greater than the length of the beam. The amount of sag will be determined by the weight of the beam and the desired deflection.
When in doubt of, however, in the event that your excursions to the weapon range are getting more continuous, and you’ve collected more stuff than you can easily convey without a reach pack, at that point, it’s an ideal opportunity to think about putting resources into one.

Do you require a firearm holster?

A firearm holster is not required by law, but it is recommended as a best practice for safely carrying a firearm. A holster provides a secure, comfortable place to store your gun while you are not using it and can help prevent accidental discharge.
While conveying a firearm on your belt line, a decent holster achieves every one of the three goals whether or not or not the holster is a functioning maintenance plan. It will cover the gun trigger, keeping hands or different items from meddling with the trigger. It will keep the firearm situated precisely where you anticipate it.

How would you put together a reach bag?

In order to put together a reach bag, you would need to gather a few supplies. Firstly, you would need a bag or container to hold everything. Secondly, you would need to choose what items you want to include in your reach bag. Some common items are a flashlight, first-aid kit, water and food, map, and multi-tool. Once you have chosen your items, pack them securely in your bag and make sure everything is easily accessible.
That is up to you, by the way, however, it additionally relies upon how your pack is spread out. In case you’re somebody who struggles remaining coordinated, you should think about a sack with more pockets and compartments to help keep every one of your frills in their legitimate spot.

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