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Scholarship Details

This grant is accessible to youthful legal counselors who have done thorough, business-related, the article put together exploration with respect to the Nisbett Prize as distributed by the Journal of Applied Psychology, an eminent expert diary of brain research. Up-and-comers should be lawful experts with an expert or advanced educations in brain research.

Successful applicants must be available to work in Washington, DC from May 27 to July 23, 2021.

Excel from the ground up, including:

Briefly summarize the main ideas that this study demonstrated;

How to Apply 🔖

📌Complete and submit the online application here by April 25, 2021.

📌Professional Responsibilities

We expect you to:

1.Excel from the ground up, including:

2.Briefly summarize the main ideas that this study demonstrated;

3.Summarize each individual experimental manipulation in your own words;

4.State with specificity how each study was designed, conducted, and analyzed;

5.Provide a research narrative that highlights the experimental procedures and research.

6.Scholarship Details Eligibility Criteria

7.Associate or Bachelor’s degree in physics, engineering, or mathematics (PE/E)

8.Demonstrated interest and academic achievement in physics, engineering, or mathematics

9.Completion of one or more college-level science courses

10.Excellent credentials and a high GPA

Significant interest and enthusiasm in physics, engineering, or mathematics (PE/E)

Written (TESOL) certification (if applicable)

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

• Selected candidates must be graduate students of Indian origin

• They should not have secured First Class or Higher or a First class or an equivalent Degree in any University, institution or recognized Open University in India or outside India.

• Also the candidate must be studying in any

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